Thoughts of a dreamer

Since May 2016, when I resigned from my job and decided to start my own business (study MBA first then create my own company), my friends and family thought I was stupid because I had a well paid job at that time. I heard people saying “How can you compete with Google Translation” or “Skype translation“? “Oh you want to make another WhatsApp” or “You can not be the next Facebook“…Plus you are moving to another country…you have to start over…”Sem you are fool”. “You better stay in Paris and have you daily job”…

The answer is: I was not stupid. I was not fool. I don’t want to be the next whatever you know…I am just a dreamer…I was crazy enough to follow my heart and achieve my dream. I did not quit my job without having a plan A, plan B, plan C, …, plan Z. It is like an athlete who has to run for a competition. You have to be prepared. And well prepared. I do prefer try than having regret not trying.

The road was not easy and still full of pitfalls. Not easy at all. Some people discouraged me, some encouraged me. I remember spending some entire nights reading about Natural Language Processing, Neural Network and Artificial Intelligence…Feeling alone sometimes in my dream.

Today, I am “happy” because INTERIM is able to send a text in english and one will receive it in french. And vice versa. There is a lot of work to do ahead and I hope to deliver a final product that will make you SMILE and LOVE it. Because We want to build a product that you WANT and LIKE.

As a user you are our priority because We want to help you BREAK THE LANGUAGE BARRIERS.

More is yet to come.

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